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Best… Ad… Ever!

Just watch it.

Sonny Does Have This Right

This opinion letter claims to be from our Governor Sonny Perdue. I hope it is.

I finally figured out why your readers no longer have confidence in your opinion.

Sunday’s sports page headline (”Dogs get put in their place,” referring to Georgia’s 51-33 loss to Tennessee, College Football, Oct. 8 ) is an indication of the way The Atlanta Journal-Constitution views Georgia. From the front page to the business page and now to the sports page, it is as if the AJC gleefully awaits lousy news about all things Georgia and pounces with their poison pens whenever bad things happen to the good people of our state.

Other cities celebrate the successes and mourn the losses of local businesses, individuals and sports teams. The AJC takes the opposite position and — instead of boosterism — criticizes, investigates and ridicules all things Georgia.

The AJC, not UGA, is the real loser. In its mean-spirited delight over misfortunes, it has squandered the precious First Amendment right to influence and thus be considered a trustworthy source of objectivity. No wonder more and more people are tuning you out and turning you off.


Perdue is governor of Georgia.

Well said Sonny!

So, writely is Google’s forray into online text file editing. The kicker is that it will not only compose rich documents with no software to install other than a web browser and save those documents to your local machine as Word, OpenOffice, RTF, or PDF, but that it will automatically post the document to your blog as a post. This is (obviously) what I tested, and if you’re reading this then it worked flawlessly. After Microsoft released their blogging software (Windows Live Writer, which I tried to use to post here, but it never worked) I was wondering where Google was on this. So now we know. Not only have they released some online software you can use to post to your blog, but you can create real documents, edit them collabratively with other Writely users, and then save them in a variety of formats AND post them to your blog :) So far, I’ll say well done again Google!

Federal Password Administration

The federal government just made me change my password at work. Just thought you’d like to know.

Testing Post from BlogDesk

Testing uploading of pics from BlogDesk. Coletrane is cute though huh! :)This is some cool new software I found to use when posting to my blog. I’m hoping that it might help me write more posts :) We’ll see. I need desperately to update my blog software and template as well… So hopefully this is just one in a series of improvements to this space. Stay tuned.

Oh yeah.. the new blogging software is BlogDesk, and it’s free* :)

*free as in beer. apparently not as in freedom

Preach It Sista!

I think I love this lady. She speaks the truth, and on arab TV no less.

“Deadheads Are What Liberals Claim to Be But Aren’t”

This is a facinating interview with Ann Coulter from jambands.com in which she reveals that she’s a big deadhead, and has at points in her life smeared herself with purple Crisco. I knew I liked her :) Check it out.

If the NY Times editors of today lived in 1775

Found this on boortz.com and I would have laughed out loud if it weren’t chillingly accurate.

New York Times Circa 1775


This is just histerical! A friend at work sent this around the office this morning. It’s required viewing for all web devlopers.

Rummy Fires Back

On the site Real Clear Politics an article entitled “A Reaffirming Conversation With Donald Rumsfeld” appeared and caught my eye. The following snippet in particular resonated with me:

About our enemies, he spoke of the patience he finds without fail in our troops but far less in the American public. Al-Qaeda knows it is in a waiting game, the only game it can win. “They cannot defeat us militarily,” he told me. “All they can do is wait for a gap in American resolve.”

Sadly, those gaps are widening. I told him I was starting to get snarky e-mails from people who sneer that at the end of 2006 we will have been in this war for the length of our involvement in World War II, as if the absence of Jeffersonian democracy across the Middle East by then will be proof positive that the war was a bust.

Mr. Rumsfeld’s reply: “If you want to go back to World War II, you have to take into account the years it took after the surrenders of Germany and Japan for real stability to be established in those countries.”

History should consider it a miracle that evil, bitter American enemies like Germany and Japan were turned into reliable allies within a generation. We also maintain troops in those countries 60 years after the war ended. Against that backdrop, whining about this war three years in looks pathologically shortsighted.

I recommend the whole article. It’s quite an interesting alternate perspective to what you’ll see, hear or read in the “mainstream news.”